52 day challenge (2): My life in weight- where I’ve come from.

Challenge Statement: Create a timeline of your life and your weight throughout your life.


One Week on Step 2- Day One

There may be some questions, queries about what life is like on the Cambridge weight plan. For the next 7 days I’m going to give you a timeline of my day from morning to evening. I’ll go through what I’ve had, what time, how I feel and any hurdles overcome to hope you gain an insight into this plan!

Day one- Saturday

  1. Get up at 09.30am- don’t judge it’s the weekend! My first product is made and ready to go at 10.15am- it’s a ‘faux baileys shake’ as seen here. I feel good, full and in control. 


2. It’s 12.30pm. I’ve pretty much spent the morning in my pyjamas and had my second product of the day- My favourite peanut crunch bar- YUM! I down it with some water as I realise I’ve not had any today. I find it so difficult to drink when at home, so I really need to push myself with this area. Feeling chilled and having a relaxed Saturday! I’m starting to feel a bit peckish but the bar soon sorts that out- probably shouldn’t have it so soon though in the future!


3. It’s 17:00 and I’m deciding what to have for dinner. On step 2 I can have a portion of protein and 80g of veg (see here for more info). I have a slight mad idea to have a ‘portable mushroom burger’. Well as you can see it didn’t go so well, it was a bit messy but actually tasted oh so good! Feeling good and full- this is why I love step 2 as it gives me food to experiment with!


4. 19:00 and it’s my FAVOURITE time of day…pudding time! I have a gorgeous chocolate mix a mousse. I have the rest of my milk allowance (I’d used 200ml for my morning shake), sit back and enjoy the gorgeous smooth and filling mousse. Just like angel delight!


Top 20 Distraction Methods for when you’re loosing weight.

So loosing weight isn’t easy no matter what path you take. After living a life of eating a *bit* too much food, to then reduce this can take it’s toll.

However ladies and gents, may I present to you the top 20 distraction methods to try out for when you just want that bar of chocolate or big mac. These have been tried and tested..some are serious..some not!

1. Colouring


I know what you’re thinking…happy memories if trying to stay in the lines as a kid. However adult colouring books have taken quite a turn in recent years and can be bought for under a tenner from amazon.co.uk. I have a personal love for my ‘animal kingdom’ book. However adult colouring doesn’t just stop you thinking about food and hunger there are health benefits reported such as helping with depression, anxiety and lowering blood pressure through stress relief. Pick up those pencils and get colouring!

2. Watch LOST…and spend some time thinking about all the huge plot holes. 


If there is anything more mind bending it might be LOST, so go watch the series (on netflix) and then consider the many potholes and just exactly what the hell is going on. Your brain will hurt…but you’ll forget food!

3. Have a hot bath. 


8.30pm on a sunday evening and there is one place you will find me- in the tub! I get out my favourite relaxing music (this can vary from disney to enya) pop in a LUSH bath bomb, grab a couple of magazines and chill the f out!

4. Play with a pet 


I love my cat- he’s my best friend, despite the fact he can be a bit of an arse at times. Grabbing some toys, chilling out with him totally chills me out and lets me forget about food.

5. Have a bath…but with your pet! 

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Because why not?

6. Look at pictures of celeb men with beautiful cheekbones. 


Tom Hiddleston…YUM

Eddie Redmayne…YUM

Too full of looking at yummy men..who needs food?!

7. Knit


I can knit- but go through phases where I get really into it. However busy hands busy mind and getting into a craft project is excellent distraction!

8. Have sex


And this is a serious one…! Not only will it get your brain off scoffing your face you’re also helping to boost your immune system, improving bladder control (big one if you’re on the cambridge diet…a certain pissy pants group get me!) but it also counts as exercise!

9. Write a Blog


I know I know..cliche huh? However seriously- it does help me focus, regain energy and forget about the 6 kit kats that are in the kitchen cupboard right now! Getting thoughts typed out and being creative helps keep the mind sharp and the food at bay!

10. Fall into a wiki-hole


You might have never heard of this phrase- but you may have done it. Have you ever read something on wikipedia only to then go from reading about india to then learning about how tyres are made 3 hours later? You go from just needing simple information to then learning a whole ton of stuff you never knew. Educational and fun.

11. Clean


You know how pregnant mothers ‘nest’ well I think the principle applies to those on a weight loss plan. My house has never been cleaner and I’m getting thinner..this can only be a good thing!

12. Discover your super power


We all have one somewhere- try and see if you have one. Spend some time staring at objects willing them to move, try and become invisible…I wouldn’t recommend trying to fly though.

13. Photoshop yourself onto pictures with Chris Pratt….or any other fanciable celebrity. 


You know you’re both meant to be together..so why not make it a reality?

15. Treat Yo Self!


Girrrrl…get your nails on, give yourself a facial, wax, or just chill out in the PJ’s just do what makes you happy.

16. Try and lick your nipples


It’s a task within itself and kudos to you if you can…give yourself that pat on the back.

17. Marry a donkey….and then divorce them on grounds of irreconcilable differences. 


I think it’s fair to say the work involved in this will take up some of your time and thinking.

18. Pretend to be a T-rex in Asda


Dinosaurs are cool..but non cooler than the t-rex. Go and clue your hands to your nipples and pretend to be the most fearsome of beasts in the meat aisle…

19. Pinterest


I lurrve pinterest, mostly because i’m a white female in her mid-twenties but I also love looking at pretty things.

20. Read Skinnie Annie…


Hey we gotta do some self-promotion now and again ok!

Faux Baileys Shake

I LOVE BAILEYS! I love it in hot chocolate, over ice, with milk. Love it love it love it.

However on the CWP baileys isn’t a freely available option.

But what if I told you using your shakes and a little help of beanies Irish cream coffee you can?

1. Gather your ingredients. Vanilla shake, beanies de-caff Irish cream coffee, and milk (optional if you’re allowed).

2. Add 200ml of milk+ 100ml of water or 300ml of water, add the shake and one tablespoon of the Irish cream coffee

3. Mix for 90 seconds

5. Grab and enjoy your healthier non-alcoholic ‘faux baileys’

The 52 Day Motivation Challenge


Struggling to get your head in the game? Want to change your mindset about yourself and your weight loss journey?

Well so did I! I’ve been on CWP for 9 weeks and lost 2 stone, but realised for this to be a long term goal my mindset needed to reevaluate and I needed to see myself in a different light.

I’d tried challenges before and even paid for them but …I neither felt challenged or different about myself. I didn’t like the lack of consistency, the need ‘pass’ and the lack of self accountability within it. Language was critical, harsh and almost abusive, particularly towards those with mental illnesses. I failed to see what could be gained from some men telling me what to do, I couldn’t see any qualifications or evidence base behind what they did. Plus I thought ‘this could be offered for free…’

My journey was one I needed to do at my pace and within my limits- not someone else dictating them too me.
So I sat down and thought to myself..how can I make myself think over my weightless journey? How can I really get myself to do something different and not only change my way of thinking but also push my boundaries.

Let me introduce to you the ’52 day Motivation challenge’. This is an absolutely free tools to help keep you on track, thinking about your goal and challenging your thinking. Why 52 days? Well if you find it too much to do daily, thats ok..do it weekly and it would come to a year of challenges!

Click here to view the document via google docs. 

Want to join the Facebook group for support and to post your challenges?! Click Here

Give it a go..and please give any feedback and enjoy!

You know you’re on the Cambridge Weight Plan when…

1. You consider buying stocks in Evian with the amount of water you’re drinking! 


2. And with the amount of water you’re drinking, you consider buying stocks in tena lady.


3. When going away your suitcase is 40% clothes and 60% CWP Products.


4. Your mouth starts to taste like a medieval sewer


5. A lot of your dreams all of a sudden revolve around food and you wake up trying to remember if you have really cheated or not! 


6. Everyone will start having an opinion on your diet and size, yet never seemed to care when you were bigger! 


7. You will fart..a lot! And occasionally not be 100% if what you’ve just done is actually a fart! 


8. Trying a new product is always a risk as you really don’t know what you’re going to get! 


9. The porridge is a bit like marmite everyone either loves it or hates it!  (I’m in the hate it category)


10. Don’t have a social life? You will now! All of a sudden everyone wants to go out for meals! 


11. You join all the online community support you can- but meet a great group of people along the way. 

(You also join a ‘challenge’ but then realise creating your own free version is a damn sight better ☺️) 


12. You become an expert in ketosis despite never hearing of it before CWP! 


13. Cloud bread becomes the best thing since well…sliced bread! 


14 You hug the first person that comments on your weight loss and they instantly become your favourite person for that week! 


15. All of a sudden becoming a healthy size is no longer a pipe dream but a certainty because girl….you got this! 


The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Instead I’ve just been failing at loosing weight…

Well no not really ‘failing’- thats quite a negative phrase to use. Shall we say ‘sailing along without much progress’.

Throughout the month of September I lost a grand total of….*drumroll please*


Why? Telling myself lies, pigging out and thinking I was ‘safe’ when really I wasn’t.

….I’m back!

52 DAY CHALLENGE (3): My 5 (or 6..) day meal plan.

Challenge Statement:

Spend some time planning out your meals for the next 5 days

I’m going to slightly break the rules here and do it for the next 6 days…just to make things easier! I’ll blog all my recipes for you if you want to give them a go..!

Sunday: Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice

Monday: Tuna and spring onion omlette

Tuesday: Turkey Mince Taco’s

Wednesday: Cod and Courgette Chips

Thursday: Curried Chickpeas with Salad

Friday:  Chicken Tikka salad with mint yogurt

52 day challenge (1): 5 Things I’m going to do at goal.

My Top 5 things I’m going to do at Goal. 

As part of my personal ’52 motivation challenge’ today I picked out ‘list your 5 things you want to do at goal’. You may notice I’m not doing my challenges daily, currently one every 2-3 days.

  1. Join an Amateur Netball Team. 

This is probably something I could do now or even earlier but at this current moment in time with a fair amount of weight to loose, exercise is really difficult and can put a lot of strain on my joints. I loved playing netball at school and university and got really into it- and I would love to play it again comfortably and with a fair level of fitness.

2. Buy a Bikini

This might be a tad cliche but after years of hiding my belly and feeling self conscious I intend to go and show that body off in an  itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini.

3. Go Find My Ex-Boyfriend

Yes- this guy at the age of 17 dumped me because he was embarrassed to be with me due to my size. I fully intend to track him down and probably *kick him in the nuts.

*Disclaimer- Joking!

4. Go crazy in Topshop

This store is like the unreachable for me. I’ve never been able to shop in there due to not being a size 14 or below…and I damn well intend to try some of that shit on! I have a feeling the shop may be a little hyped up though.

5. Have a boudoir photoshoot. 

Thats right- i’m going to get my glam on, best lingerie and heels and make myself feel damn sexy.

Piri Piri Chicken and Cauliflower Rice




245g Chicken Breast- ensure fat is cut off

60g of grated cauliflower

20g of Sliced Cucumber

125g of Natural Yogurt (half of your dairy allowance)

1tsp garlic powder

1tsp coriander


1 tsp Paprika

1tsp Dried Oregano

1 tsp Ground Ginger

1 tsp Ground Cardamon

1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper


Mix the Piri Piri spice mix together

Add to the natural yogurt and mix well

Marinate the chicken breast in the natural yogurt for 2 hours or overnight if you wish

Once marinated you can either grill or oven bake the chicken breast. Personally I used my george foreman grill for 10 minutes

Whilst the chicken is cooking I prefer to do a quick stir fry of cauliflower rice

Add the coriander and garlic powder to the cauliflower rice to give it a bit of flavour

Serve with the chopped cucumber