Cambridge Shame-bridge

I’ve been on the Cambridge Weight Plan for 6 weeks. 

Yet I’ve been overweight/obese for as long as I can remember and certainly been 16stone+ most of my adult life. This is who I am and how I’ve defined myself, that i’m simply the big girl.

Me aged 8

\ Me aged 8

18th Birthday

18th Birthday

Aged 25 in Texas

Aged 25 in Texas

I’ve tried other diets in the past, slimming world and weight watchers along with slim fast, calorie counting etc. As any person you loose a little weight and yet you loose motivation and the change isn’t quick or sustainable.

Until now..

It would be quite extreme of me to say the Cambridge diet has changed my life in 6 weeks, but right now that is exactly how I feel. What I have learnt about myself has been eye-opening and certainly evaluated my relationship with food. I feel this is a change I can make for the rest of my life and I am ENJOYING it, did you hear that? I am not finding this hard at all and have surprised myself how reducing food intake has helped.

I’m on step 2 and have been since I started plan. This involves 3 products a day and then a 200kcl meal of protein and 80g of veg. If you check out my recipes page here you will see the meals I make and my reviews of them…cause after all it’s how they taste that makes the difference!

The Online community for CWP has been outstanding and is quite literally a lifeline for questions, support and celebrating/commiserating.

I hope to discuss and blog my journey with CWP and share with you my (hopeful!) transformation from the fat girl to the skinnie annie 🙂


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