Chicken Tikka Fakeaway


My Famous Chicken Tikka Fakeaway

I love this recipe and it’s my go to meal when I feel like a cheat or treat meal..when intact it’s a gorgeous dinner still on plan!


1 tsbp of curry powder

245g of Diced Chicken or Turkey

Green Salad leaves

Balsamic vinegar

lemon juice

Low cal cooking spray

Natural Yogurt- 250g (From your dairy allowance)

1 tbsp of dried mint


1. Place the curry powder in an air tight bag- I used a freezer bag

2. Place the diced chicken and create an tight seal on the bag, trapping some air inside

3. Give the bag a really good shake making sure the powder completely covers the meat

4. Fry the diced chicken for around 10-15 minutes on a low-medium heat

5. To make the mint sauce mix the dried min with natural yogurt and a dash of lemon juice

6. Serve the chicken on a bed of salad leaves (80g for on step 2) and drizzle on the natural yogurt and ENJOY!


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