You know you’re on the Cambridge Weight Plan when…

1. You consider buying stocks in Evian with the amount of water you’re drinking! 


2. And with the amount of water you’re drinking, you consider buying stocks in tena lady.


3. When going away your suitcase is 40% clothes and 60% CWP Products.


4. Your mouth starts to taste like a medieval sewer


5. A lot of your dreams all of a sudden revolve around food and you wake up trying to remember if you have really cheated or not! 


6. Everyone will start having an opinion on your diet and size, yet never seemed to care when you were bigger! 


7. You will fart..a lot! And occasionally not be 100% if what you’ve just done is actually a fart! 


8. Trying a new product is always a risk as you really don’t know what you’re going to get! 


9. The porridge is a bit like marmite everyone either loves it or hates it!  (I’m in the hate it category)


10. Don’t have a social life? You will now! All of a sudden everyone wants to go out for meals! 


11. You join all the online community support you can- but meet a great group of people along the way. 

(You also join a ‘challenge’ but then realise creating your own free version is a damn sight better ☺️) 


12. You become an expert in ketosis despite never hearing of it before CWP! 


13. Cloud bread becomes the best thing since well…sliced bread! 


14 You hug the first person that comments on your weight loss and they instantly become your favourite person for that week! 


15. All of a sudden becoming a healthy size is no longer a pipe dream but a certainty because girl….you got this! 



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