The 52 Day Motivation Challenge


Struggling to get your head in the game? Want to change your mindset about yourself and your weight loss journey?

Well so did I! I’ve been on CWP for 9 weeks and lost 2 stone, but realised for this to be a long term goal my mindset needed to reevaluate and I needed to see myself in a different light.

I’d tried challenges before and even paid for them but …I neither felt challenged or different about myself. I didn’t like the lack of consistency, the need ‘pass’ and the lack of self accountability within it. Language was critical, harsh and almost abusive, particularly towards those with mental illnesses. I failed to see what could be gained from some men telling me what to do, I couldn’t see any qualifications or evidence base behind what they did. Plus I thought ‘this could be offered for free…’

My journey was one I needed to do at my pace and within my limits- not someone else dictating them too me.
So I sat down and thought to can I make myself think over my weightless journey? How can I really get myself to do something different and not only change my way of thinking but also push my boundaries.

Let me introduce to you the ’52 day Motivation challenge’. This is an absolutely free tools to help keep you on track, thinking about your goal and challenging your thinking. Why 52 days? Well if you find it too much to do daily, thats it weekly and it would come to a year of challenges!

Click here to view the document via google docs. 

Want to join the Facebook group for support and to post your challenges?! Click Here

Give it a go..and please give any feedback and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The 52 Day Motivation Challenge

  1. Yvonne Deacon says:

    Anna, just read through thoroughly….. you’ve nailed it sweetie, this is so much better that what i paid £40 for…….. love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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