Top 20 Distraction Methods for when you’re loosing weight.

So loosing weight isn’t easy no matter what path you take. After living a life of eating a *bit* too much food, to then reduce this can take it’s toll.

However ladies and gents, may I present to you the top 20 distraction methods to try out for when you just want that bar of chocolate or big mac. These have been tried and tested..some are serious..some not!

1. Colouring


I know what you’re thinking…happy memories if trying to stay in the lines as a kid. However adult colouring books have taken quite a turn in recent years and can be bought for under a tenner from I have a personal love for my ‘animal kingdom’ book. However adult colouring doesn’t just stop you thinking about food and hunger there are health benefits reported such as helping with depression, anxiety and lowering blood pressure through stress relief. Pick up those pencils and get colouring!

2. Watch LOST…and spend some time thinking about all the huge plot holes. 


If there is anything more mind bending it might be LOST, so go watch the series (on netflix) and then consider the many potholes and just exactly what the hell is going on. Your brain will hurt…but you’ll forget food!

3. Have a hot bath. 


8.30pm on a sunday evening and there is one place you will find me- in the tub! I get out my favourite relaxing music (this can vary from disney to enya) pop in a LUSH bath bomb, grab a couple of magazines and chill the f out!

4. Play with a pet 


I love my cat- he’s my best friend, despite the fact he can be a bit of an arse at times. Grabbing some toys, chilling out with him totally chills me out and lets me forget about food.

5. Have a bath…but with your pet! 

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Because why not?

6. Look at pictures of celeb men with beautiful cheekbones. 


Tom Hiddleston…YUM

Eddie Redmayne…YUM

Too full of looking at yummy men..who needs food?!

7. Knit


I can knit- but go through phases where I get really into it. However busy hands busy mind and getting into a craft project is excellent distraction!

8. Have sex


And this is a serious one…! Not only will it get your brain off scoffing your face you’re also helping to boost your immune system, improving bladder control (big one if you’re on the cambridge diet…a certain pissy pants group get me!) but it also counts as exercise!

9. Write a Blog


I know I know..cliche huh? However seriously- it does help me focus, regain energy and forget about the 6 kit kats that are in the kitchen cupboard right now! Getting thoughts typed out and being creative helps keep the mind sharp and the food at bay!

10. Fall into a wiki-hole


You might have never heard of this phrase- but you may have done it. Have you ever read something on wikipedia only to then go from reading about india to then learning about how tyres are made 3 hours later? You go from just needing simple information to then learning a whole ton of stuff you never knew. Educational and fun.

11. Clean


You know how pregnant mothers ‘nest’ well I think the principle applies to those on a weight loss plan. My house has never been cleaner and I’m getting thinner..this can only be a good thing!

12. Discover your super power


We all have one somewhere- try and see if you have one. Spend some time staring at objects willing them to move, try and become invisible…I wouldn’t recommend trying to fly though.

13. Photoshop yourself onto pictures with Chris Pratt….or any other fanciable celebrity. 


You know you’re both meant to be why not make it a reality?

15. Treat Yo Self!


Girrrrl…get your nails on, give yourself a facial, wax, or just chill out in the PJ’s just do what makes you happy.

16. Try and lick your nipples


It’s a task within itself and kudos to you if you can…give yourself that pat on the back.

17. Marry a donkey….and then divorce them on grounds of irreconcilable differences. 


I think it’s fair to say the work involved in this will take up some of your time and thinking.

18. Pretend to be a T-rex in Asda


Dinosaurs are cool..but non cooler than the t-rex. Go and clue your hands to your nipples and pretend to be the most fearsome of beasts in the meat aisle…

19. Pinterest


I lurrve pinterest, mostly because i’m a white female in her mid-twenties but I also love looking at pretty things.

20. Read Skinnie Annie…


Hey we gotta do some self-promotion now and again ok!


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