52 day challenge (1): 5 Things I’m going to do at goal.

My Top 5 things I’m going to do at Goal. 

As part of my personal ’52 motivation challenge’ today I picked out ‘list your 5 things you want to do at goal’. You may notice I’m not doing my challenges daily, currently one every 2-3 days.

  1. Join an Amateur Netball Team. 

This is probably something I could do now or even earlier but at this current moment in time with a fair amount of weight to loose, exercise is really difficult and can put a lot of strain on my joints. I loved playing netball at school and university and got really into it- and I would love to play it again comfortably and with a fair level of fitness.

2. Buy a Bikini

This might be a tad cliche but after years of hiding my belly and feeling self conscious I intend to go and show that body off in an  itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini.

3. Go Find My Ex-Boyfriend

Yes- this guy at the age of 17 dumped me because he was embarrassed to be with me due to my size. I fully intend to track him down and probably *kick him in the nuts.

*Disclaimer- Joking!

4. Go crazy in Topshop

This store is like the unreachable for me. I’ve never been able to shop in there due to not being a size 14 or below…and I damn well intend to try some of that shit on! I have a feeling the shop may be a little hyped up though.

5. Have a boudoir photoshoot. 

Thats right- i’m going to get my glam on, best lingerie and heels and make myself feel damn sexy.


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