One Week on Step 2- Day One

There may be some questions, queries about what life is like on the Cambridge weight plan. For the next 7 days I’m going to give you a timeline of my day from morning to evening. I’ll go through what I’ve had, what time, how I feel and any hurdles overcome to hope you gain an insight into this plan!

Day one- Saturday

  1. Get up at 09.30am- don’t judge it’s the weekend! My first product is made and ready to go at 10.15am- it’s a ‘faux baileys shake’ as seen here. I feel good, full and in control. 


2. It’s 12.30pm. I’ve pretty much spent the morning in my pyjamas and had my second product of the day- My favourite peanut crunch bar- YUM! I down it with some water as I realise I’ve not had any today. I find it so difficult to drink when at home, so I really need to push myself with this area. Feeling chilled and having a relaxed Saturday! I’m starting to feel a bit peckish but the bar soon sorts that out- probably shouldn’t have it so soon though in the future!


3. It’s 17:00 and I’m deciding what to have for dinner. On step 2 I can have a portion of protein and 80g of veg (see here for more info). I have a slight mad idea to have a ‘portable mushroom burger’. Well as you can see it didn’t go so well, it was a bit messy but actually tasted oh so good! Feeling good and full- this is why I love step 2 as it gives me food to experiment with!


4. 19:00 and it’s my FAVOURITE time of day…pudding time! I have a gorgeous chocolate mix a mousse. I have the rest of my milk allowance (I’d used 200ml for my morning shake), sit back and enjoy the gorgeous smooth and filling mousse. Just like angel delight!



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